Some advice for achievements please


What playlists should i be matchmaking in for these achievements:

Emergency Room (is this do able in living dead playlist? if so what are the chances of an anniversary map appearing now?)
All alone
Paper Beats Rock (what playlist am i most likely going to get a defiant map for this?)
Bounty hunter (is this now in rumble pit? but its an anniversary achievement?)
Don’t touch that! (same query as for Paper Beats Rock)

Some advice would be nice thanks!

Emergency Room - you can get Anniversary maps in the Living Dead playlist, but everyone in the game needs to have the Anniversary map pack installed.

All Alone - same goes for the above but for the Defiant map pack.

Paper Beats Rock - Team Slayer would be your best bet, smallest playlist to feature the Defiant maps.

Bounty Hunter - Rumble Pit as you can only get Skullamanjaro’s (which is the requirement) in FFA, Anniversary maps show up in there, it doesn’t need to be Anniversary gametypes, just maps.

Don’t Touch That! - Tema Objective would be your best bet, but like said earlier, everyone needs the Defiant Map Pack.

It isn’t against the rules to get a full game of friends and boost these achievements, as long as everyone is actively playing and all get a kill at least.