[SOLVED]Rewire Turtle Beach X12 left speaker?

Okay so I had to take apart my turtle beach X12 left speaker because I couldn’t hear anything. Inside I noticed a big mess of wires (9 to be exact). Now it was almost impossible to see what wire came from where and went where. So Now I am left with a problem. I have it all cleaned up now with all 9 wires separated but do not know which wires get soldered where. Below is a diagram showing what I mean: Turtle Beach Earforce X12 Left Speaker Diagram

In the image you see there are yellow numbers and blue letters. If someone could be so kind to take a look at there X12s and pair up the numbers with the letters in the diagram that would be great!



etc… Also notice the way it is colored and how the Speaker with the B has a copper wire coming from one side. Oh yeah I am unsure if #8 needs to have a wire connected to it or not…

It’d be better to ask Turtle Beach and not Waypoint for this.

Okay I got my friend to help me complete the diagram so if anyone else has the same issue they can download/view a complete Turtle Beach X12 Left Speaker Wiring Diagram here: Turtle Beach X12 Completed Left Speaker Wiring Diagram