Solutions To Progression, UI, and Customization

I have a few solutions that can help 343 make money and make the community happy with minor adjustments untill a more improved multiplayer update come around.

  1. UI: We need some kind of Profile and Battle Pass Tab in the menu. Profile can show your stats and challenges. And battle pass and just show the battle pass.

  2. Shop: The shop prices are a little too much. About %50 more expensive than it should be. 1,500 for a samurai sword = $15. This should only be about $5 or maybe by a stretch $10. Turning these prices down by %50 will increase more sales and less backlash from the community.

  3. Battle Pass: The battle pass should have weapon and vehicle coatings. If not that it should have some way of getting some currency back. It doesn’t have to be like 1,300 credits like Warzone or Fortnite. But it could be like Rogue COmpany giving 600 Credits. It still leaves happiness for the consumer and 343 will be still be getting money.( I feel like they didnt include credits back because battle pass lasts forever.)

  4. Progression: (Temp Fix) Change Daily challenges to be more of a general challenge like get 2 Double Kills or 5 Headshots (Easy but not to fast) Rewards significant amount = 100 to 125 XP.
    Make static XP gains for matches in following;
    1 Match Played (Loss/Tie) = 50 XP
    1 Match Played (Win) = 75 XP
    1 Match Played (Win/Top of the Leaderboard) = 100 XP
    General XP gains and encourages players to play better and help the team.
    (Revamp) or Would it come to eventually.
    Have the same Challenge and Match XP Gains but, have XP per kill/assist/objective/medals.
    Having this will really reward you for everything you do and create variety.
    Also a Spartan Rank or (Career Ranking ) system. It will be aside from the Battle Pass. You can reach level 100 and Prestige (Reset) and can do this an unlimited amount of times. This creates some more content to grind for and also can make a community interaction by having leaderboards within the Profile Tab I talked about.

  5. Customization: There are a few major issues that can easily make it more likable.
    Coatings and cores. The coatings problem and the same with the cores as that they dont cross over with each other. Meaning if you get a blue coating called “Blue Rampage” for your AR you dont get it for any other weapons, vehicles or Cores. Same with Spartan Armor and Coatings. You cant cross over Armor and coatings with each other which lets 343 sell the same coating again for another core. SMH :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
    They can fix this by letting you at least share coatings within their own category. If you get "Blue Rampage " for vehicles you get it for all vehicles. You get it for Ar you get it for all Weapons. You get it for Mark 7 you get it for Mark 5 etc… This will improve player retention,feedback and sales because if your product is so toxic or predatory people will buy less of it, making 343 lose sales.

Thats all the problems i could see within this category and minor fixes to improve quality of life in this game. Let the devs take a break. I hope to at least see these changes after campaign launch after the thanksgiving break. Anyways drop a like and tell me what you think.

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