Solution to the quitting problem

I would love to hear everyones input on a good way to solve the problem of people quitting out. It happens too frequently to be a negligible problem.

What do you think is a good way to solve this issue?

Quitters should lose something. Like in Halo 3 Exp. or Credits.

Zapping 360 controllers, Each time they unnecessarily quit the game BUZZZZZ


Jokes aside, They lose all CR for that and the previous game.
As this happens far too much, Gets me frickin mad too.


> Quitters should lose something. Like in Halo 3 Exp. or Credits.

A simple fix like this is all that is needed. Really anything to legitimately discourage players quitting (not the system currently in place with Reach) would be beneficial.

As long as there is friendly fire there is no fix, I tried think as positively as I could.

If a game is enjoyable, people are very unlikely to quit. This is a correlation that has been seen in Halo 3 during its prime – which had a higher population, was liked more, and had fewer quitters – and Halo: Reach now – which had a lower population, was more “controversial”, and has far more quitters.

Punishing people for quitting only screws over the people who are left behind. The first few people to quit are obviously so frustrated that the punishment is meaningless to them – staying in the match would be worse for them than the punishment for quitting. Those that are left behind, however, are now in a ruined match with a significantly-lowered chance of victory – a match from which they can’t escape, lest they receive a punishment that they do want to avoid.

Now, you could argue that the “solution” is to make the punishment worse than any possible circumstance that could tempt someone to quit. And you’re right – the person wouldn’t quit matches… because they would stop being in matches. They’d just quit the whole game! And a nuked population is not an acceptable side-effect of a quitting penalty.

The best way to ensure that quits are few and far between is to make Halo 4 not suck.

cr ban if done to much

Every time someone quits. The Xbox slowly remembers it and when the owner of the Xbox quits too much. The Xbox will get up hit him across the face call him a coward and says if you don’t want to play the game then why did you buy it and snaps the disc in front of him.

Its the Perfect Plan.

Lol, some funny responses.
I don’t think how good a game is means how many people will or won’t quit. Many people quit because they don’t get the weapon they want off the bat or if they die a few times in a row they will disconnect their internet in hopes of not losing their kd ratio that they have worked so ‘hard’ on. there needs to be a good punishment, suspending for a few minutes is not a good one i don’t think. and the system should be hopefully able to know internet problems from quitters. because ive been on the -Yoink- end of having a flaky connecting that disconnects a lot

Every time you quit. You’re one step closer to the red ring of death.

> and the system should be hopefully able to know internet problems from quitters.

If the system punishes quits but not drops, then quitters

> will disconnect their internet

to escape any consequences.

Make it so you can’t quit, so the only real way you could “quit” is by dashboarding or turning off your xbox lol if quitting is made inconvenient then less people would quit :stuck_out_tongue:

The xbox should stand up and say. “if you dont stop quittin im gonna go red ring all over your cowardly -Yoink-!!!”