Solution to Rocket Launcher model

So me being myself by lurking around these forums I happened to stumble across the issue that many players do not like the new rocket launcher model(green tube lol) and want the old model(SPNKr) back. Many people before me have already thought of this idea but I thought I would bring it up. Would it be possible if 343i could implement the old SPNKr model as a legendary weapon on a certain map and also make it be able to lock on to vehicles(maybe people?) and make the SPNKr forge able in any other map while keeping the new model in as the default rocket launcher? So with that being said I am going to make a poll list.

  • If you want the old model(SPNKr) in new model(green tube thing) completely gone- If you want the new model(green tube thing) in and the old model(SPNKr) completely gone- If you like the idea some other players had including myself- Implement your own ideas

I just want my rotating tubes back ;_;

I honestly love the new model. I liked the old SPNKr model with the double rotating tubes, but the model to me just feels better. I really can’t explain it honestly, I just really like the updated version.

as for adding the old one back in in some way…it would be a fun Easter egg, like finding the skulls in the old Halo games. In this one, you find old lost relics of guns and skeletons of vehicles like the choppers…I don’t know, I do love nostalgic things.

i’m not sure why this bothers so many people… yea the new model looks stupid… and i honestly don’t see a reason for changing it, seems like they are just trying to stay busy in the office with pointless things like that… but it functions the same, in-game im not really looking at the gun models while bad guys are shooting at me…

The model is fine; I’m glad it finally changed; I hope the Plasma Pistol did as well.

HOWEVER, rockets need an increased Velocity, and a slightly smaller blast radius. I swear, I’ve been blown up with a rocket when it hit about 20 feet away. Assuming the Spartans are 6’ tall.