Solution to Progression and the Store: Let Us Earn Credits

Yes, the real world currency, Credits. Let us earn them and this will alleviate most of the issues surrounding the battle pass, progression, and spending $20 on the color white.

Something Fortnite does is allow a player to buy the Battle Pass and then earn enough V-Bucks (real world currency) to buy the next season’s BP. A Fortnite BP costs 950 VB and you can earn 1,500 through the Season 8 BP. Warzone also gives 1,300 COD points in its BP.

The Season 2 BP should allow the same thing. Every 3 levels, let the player unlock 50 credits. At level 60, they would have 1,000 credits, enough for Season 3. The remaining 650 they earn can be spent on the store.

If Fortnite can afford to give players free money, then so can 343. It’s a great way to keep players engaged and invested if they can earn through gameplay the ability to buy the next Battle Pass, all with one $10 initial purchase.

The vast majority of money made won’t be from the Battle Pass. It’s a single purchase per person every quarter. The store will be the real money maker as multiple items rotate every week. 13 weeks a quarter for the potential of dozens of items, losing out on BP revenue with this isn’t going to hurt the bottom line. Fortnite and Warzone do it.

Another thing that could be done is rewarding credits through match performance. Right now, one of the biggest complaints is that a guy that goes 40-0 earns the same XP from a match as a guy that goes 0-40. Many want XP rewards but what if instead, you earned free money?

My solution would be this, every win for the first 5 wins a day, earn 50 credits. That’s 250 credits a day. Then, have a checklist at the end of the match that if met, reward 10 credits each. This list can include:

Earn Mythic medal
Slay 10 Spartans
Go Positive
Mode specific goals like cap a flag, return flag, capture points, etc

By earning credits, this solves two problems, Battle Pass speed and spending $20 on the color white.

You can spend 200 credits to advance 1 level in the BP. 4 wins a day is guaranteed 1 level if you spend the credits on that.

Having a consistent stream of credits can help with issue of the store that tons of items are apparently stuck behind multiple purchases. One of things touted back at E3 was that players would earn customization by playing the game. One of the biggest complaints right now is the exact opposite. People do not feel like they are earning armor by playing. The free BP has very few unlocks for customization. The Tenrai event, while free, also has little to offer and is spread across 6 months anyway.

My proposal shouldn’t break the bank. You would need to play daily in order to actually afford some of the items in the store for free, and they rotate weekly. People would also spend money on the store as the whale’s would just buy the items immediately, not wait days to earn the money. Most money spent will be for instant gratification.

I could go more into this, but I think this is enough to throw the idea out there. By earning credits, players can feel rewarded progressing through the BP and can interact with the store which for many players will be the fastest way to unlock new armor. It should also incentivize playing the game better as you can now earn currency to interact with the store.

At the very least, the BP should offer credits. Fortnite and Warzone do it. That is the bare minimum.

Now to end off, there would be some realistic restrictions. One would be you can only earn credits after the first Battle Pass purchase. One $10 purchase opens up the ability to earn credits through playing the game.

Second would be HCS can’t be bought with free money. The money made here goes to fund HCS and the organizations, it makes sense free money couldn’t buy these.

Tell me what you think!

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It’s a good idea. I even thought of a formula like these two:
Winning team (Type A):
(Number of points earned) / (Number of players in your team)

Losing team (Type B):
(Number of points earned)/(Number of players in the match)