Solution to make the Weekly Challenge system better

The current problem with the system is that if you don’t complete your challenges on a certain week, you miss the opportunity to unlock a cool item.

So how do 343 fix this?

Instead of offering an item for completing all weekly challenges, players are given a token, or a “Season Point”. This season point can be spent in a menu consisting of all of the earnable weekly items currently available in the game (Willow Tea, Sacrifice x4, etc). Upon using this coin, players must complete the ultimate challenge associated with that item (Win 17 games, get splatters, etc).

Why does this work?

  1. It eliminates FOMO. Didn’t login that week? Didn’t finish you challenges? No problem, just try again this week.

  2. It doesn’t require 343 to give away more. Players would still be earning 1 item per week (assuming they complete the challenges).

  3. It opens an opportunity for earnable credits. 300 credits per token would be fine.

tl;dr: Do what MCC does


It’s a good idea.
Was really annoying to miss the neon steel weapon coating, because I was busy that week.