Solution to low population

Give away a truck every month

It’s working today! Already a big spike at a time that is never the peak time.

I hate trucks so…

So 343 has to pay us to play?

I would suggest adding more maps (for free) and reinstating playlist like snipers as a start.

They tripped and fell out the gate. The population might go back up but not by much.

Or they could ya know release a visible skilled based ranking system? That would certainly bring a number of the Halo 2/3 diehards back such as myself and all of my friends. What is a “AAA Competitive” game without a system that ranks you based on your skill level?

I don’t like trucks.

Or add rank and remove the bolt shot and AAs and ordinance drop and join in session

… or a custom raptor

Their call

It’s be easier if they just added a Classic playlist that contained all the the settings of past Halo games, no AAs, and preset weapon locations. Problem solved.