Solution to getting jumped

Ever been separated from your team and the enemy keeps coming around to jump you? Here’s my strategy: find a close corner, drop regeneration field (get ready to do the grenade dodge dance), pull out the plasma pistol and let the beat downs begin.

Pelayers get overconfident when their team is nearby so people tend to come around the corner without thinking. If you can land a paltry 3 bullets with the plasma pistol your beatdownwill kill them. The regeneration field will then refill your health while the next guy tries to finish you off (a full recharge isn’t even needed). Rinse and repeat. The best part is the more people you kill with it the angrier and more aggresive they tend to get.

Its been really helpful in that, even when getting jumped hard, I can get at least one kill so my death doesn’t go towards the other team winning or catching up. Try it out; it’s almost like having a shotgun. It requires mind games and precise timing but it is a powerful strategy.