Solution to Cheap Camping in Flood

Sure, the appeal of the Flood gametype is holding down a fort with your buddies. But it gets really lame when players hop up on the rocks in Complex or (insert cheap spot here) for people playing as the Flood. It sucks the fun right out of the match. Solution? Give the Flood a sticky flood grenade that goes off if they don’t run. If they run within a few seconds of getting stuck, it doesn’t go off. Won’t be an issue for people simply holding a spot because they’re running around anyway, but it ends camping in spots that are practically unreachable for a Flood and ruin people’s fun.

Better idea. Give them a pulse grenade. It takes a bit of time to kill them, they can run out of it. It’s just a matter of if they do or not.

I like that idea too, but then the Flood have a kind of crowd control that would change the balance of regular play.

Infection / Flood Has traditionally been a melee game (for zombies)
Giving them a form of ranged weapon would be completely crap and make them more overpowered than they already are in halo 4!

In halo 4 its hard to get HEAPS of kills as a human.
In reach i easily got 10 - 20 kills every round as a human for a few reasons

  1. Last man standing took 2 hits to kill me (not 1)
    2.You could clash with the zombies.
    3.Pistols were one shot headshots.

Now in halo 4 you always get one shot killed, you cant clash with them, and the pistol is a 3 shot kill… (if you get a headshot)

The zombies do NOT need a buff.
Its fine the way it is

IF ANYTHING the pistol should be one shot headshot

With that being said though, even though i completely disagree with your idea, i still think its a smart one. Just wouldnt work

Just give me Halo Reach Infection with Flood skin for the zombies. Im good. Right now Flood is r3tarded.

oh my god no. i can’t even tell if your serious…
first of all flood mode is awful yes i appreciate that you want it changed but isn’t it already hard enough to fend for yourself as a spartan? the flood have thruster packs, its ridiculous! There isn’t a single cheap spot in this entire game. Any player would be lucky to get 4 kills per round.