Solution to buffing the plasma pistol

Ok so the perfect idea hit me to make the plama pistol viable. Full disclosure i think its alot better then how it was at lunch so good job 343.

So what if the plama piston/ravager gave you a melee boost right after a charged shot when the piston is in the overheated state. You only get the boost the brief frames while it cools.

Thoughts on this change?


Personally I’d like it if you could overcharge then throw the pistol at your target.


It would be a neat tradeoff, and knowing what kind of shenanigans 343 had in Halo 5 with bladed weapons, I wouldn’t consider it past them to implement. I like this idea.

It need its EMP feature back


What sort of boost? Just raw melee damage or some sort of damage over time from the overheated gun?

Personally it just needs better tracking and EMP.


Plasma should add burn damage to delayed shield recharge. Plasma has always been more for support.

Honesly…the way to buff it is to make it just like every other previous halo game. Same damage and effect as previous halos and its fixed.

It needs to be the best weapon at draining shields again at the very least. Kinetic weapons do a better job at draining shields than the plasma pistol and thats its whole point.

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Should’ve never lost its emp function in the first place


Pointless. What it needs is damage to shields. You know the PP is ruined when the Sidekick breaks shields better.

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Yeah, I don’t want to be a nark, but that kind of solution of “boosts” is way too complicated for 343 to handle. They need simple weapon balancing. As an example, I think one shot only uses up 1% of the charge. But if it doesn’t, make it happen.

Other possible balancing solutions include but are not limited to:

Increasing the fire rate (if it’s going to be weaker than the Sidekick, make it fire faster to compensate)
Increase the tracking of the bolts themselves. Preferably as close to Halo 2 performance as possible (IMO)
Decrease the time it takes to charge up the shot.

Imo it should just reflect Halo Reach’s PP (aka the best PP in the entire series)

  • approximate 8 - 10 shot kill
  • EMPs
  • Charged shot actually has a small AoE
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Not terrible, but ultimately useless in the end probably. The Ravager already has a melee buff because it is a bladed weapon and the melee buff being added for the PP wouldn’t really be very useful because if you’re meleeing right after a charge shot then you probably just popped their shield and the melee would kill in a hit unless they’re overshielded in which case it wouldn’t help that much. The only time the PP melee would be useful is if you fired a charge shot at range and had to punch enemies around you before you could fire again. In this scenario most of the time you would just swap to a different weapon to do some damage because you’ve tried to pop a ranged target so you probably have a precision weapon.

I understand the desire to try and make the PP a more viable weapon in the sandbox, but this just wouldn’t be enough to really help. Keep trying though. Throw enough ideas at the wall and eventually one will stick.