Solo queue

So Im Diamond 3 in HCS playlist and i Always get teammates that arent the same skill level than me. I get teammates from gold to plat , and VERY RARELY Diamond. And i wouldnt be mad about it if my enemies were gold or plat too , but no. I get matched up against Diamonds. It might sound crazy but it looks like its a conspiracy against me, It isnt obviously but its impressive that i Always get “bad” teammates. I know that sometimes someone thats good at the game gets gold or play as rank , but its not the case .

Solo queue is rough man. Visible CSR isn’t what matchmaking uses to find games, so rank really doesn’t mean much at all. Looks like all the players in your games play pretty equally; even the golds and plats perform at the same level you do. Just the luck of the draw when you go in solo.

That’s what Spartan Companies are for. Try and join one.

Yhea same thing happens a lot to me

Feel free to use the MM feedback threads and read through the archive.