Solo queue is needed

Since this ranking system is based off of the LoL one, shouldn’t we also have a solo queue and rank to go with it? It’s really annoying to have your rank affected by stupid teammates that don’t give two craps about whether you lose or not when you’re running solo. Seriously, this needs to be put in.

I concur. It should be solo/duo queue, if you’re good you will climb up on your own or with one friend. This makes it an even playing field then fighting a damn full team. I got aggravated the first season so I just “soloed” my way into Champion FFA.

That and I also believe if you have the patience to set up a full team, you have the patience to wait for a match against a full team. It’s really stupid when they expect us to rely on complete strangers. Makes your rank not really reflect your actual skill but how lucky you are with your teammates.