Solo que sundays? Lets make it happen

Every mode will be max fireteam 1.
(Accept ranked)

Sunday only.

1 day a week you can’t bring anyone with you into a match.
And have to join alone.

Not everyone gets the privilege of a team.
And even if you do they won’t always play what you like

Maybe just a set period of time late night?
Couple hours

Yea, no. Not allowing you to play with friends is one of the cardinal sins of an online game.

If you’re asking for a separate playlist for solo queues only then I agree that should be in the game.

Thats still no reason to allow a 90% loss rating.
Because you don’t have friends that play.

Again why I offered a counter solution of a separate playlist that restricts you to solo ques only.

I know people who’s only day off for the week is Sunday. Imagine not being able to play a game with your friends on your one and only day off.

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If you’re at a 90% loss rating than this is a matter of skill, not lack of friends.


I’m going to say no. I’d rather just not play at all on Sunday if they actually did that.

That’s called life bud, lol. You choose to play handicapped when you decided to solo que up for a match, and this is the consequences for that action.

Yeah no I’m sorry but this is a terrible idea, you don’t just make a day to prevent friends from playing with each other

Every game has a LFG on the Xbox if you don’t have a team to play with, I use this every time I play Destiny 2 to do either Crucible or Raids

Lfg sure. It works.

But when they want to play a mode you hate.

Than you have to leave or wait for them to finish.

Find more then 4 friends, the more you make, the more options you have.

It wierd how some people complain that sbmm forces a 50% win rate and yet others claim to have a 10% win rate