Solo Player point of View

I play solo for personal reasons and much of a multiplayer (player). I first really played Halo since ODST because I already knew it was more multiplayer then solo, but really like the story so I played the others to learn the story. Long term play was not an option for me which i already knew going into it. Played Reach because I have a friend who rarely plays games but likes to co-op when he does.
I do understand that when a new game comes out there are those who hate and go coo coo for coco pops when they dont like it. I think 343i did a good because they know they are not bungie and never will be. The smart move to keep the game simple because they are working on there system of it. Learning what will work and what won’t, if they had tried to do much at first i beleive it would have been a lot worse.
I love the Spartan Ops. because it gives me more replay value, I never expected new maps because any game I have ever played with little sides missions rarely if at all have new maps. The leveling is nice because it gives me something to do even though I never really see the armor I am wearing when i play.
For Multiplayer i dont have much to say but from what i have played of the game and have read on the forums there is a lot missing. They mostly likely but a lot it back in this one because of the time and coding it will take. But i believe with the nexted one and postive feedback, suggestions and idea’s there is a good chance to see it again in later games.
I strongly believe that somebody if not the all the workers at 343i have some love for Halo, but since there a different company starting new at this they have to borrow and keep things simple so they put together a formula that work. There are a lot people on the forms that see what the game can be, i do beleive in time will be.

So from a solo player to 343i good game and a great start, hope you can get the formula you want to work right and make the game as good as you believe it can be.