Solo Legendary Achievement not unlocking

Just finished the Campaign on solo legendary but the achievement is not unlocking - Heroic is stuck at 93% and both the legendary achievements are stuck at 86%. All mission indicate that the highest level completed is legendary. Are there any solutions for this?

You can try to play again the campaign and check if it works

Looks like Waypoint has registered all levels as complete on solo Legendary which means you should have unlocked those achievements. So, it’s possible there is an issue with Xbox Live. Have you tried restarting your Xbox and then booting up the game? One other suggestion I have is to delete your save data from your Xbox (NOT the cloud) and booting up the game again. That will force a sync of your save data and might unlock the achievements.

Well this is an old thread and OP has the Lone Wolf achievement unlocked as of 1/24/2020 so I’m gonna lock this.

Please mind the dates when posting everyone. :slight_smile: