Solid F/A Looking for committed team

I am looking for a some solid players or an existing team to form a full squad for HCS NA Open’s.

Here are some details:

GT: OmikroN
Discord: OmikroN#0129
Current Crossplay CSR (doesn’t mean much): 1718
Highest Crossplay CSR: 1828
Highest NA Open placing 129th ish = /512 with no practice.
Location: WA State (Pacific Time)

I have entered all except the first NA Open with various lineups. My issue is that the other guys I am teaming with are having a difficult time finding time to practice.

CSR doesn’t mean a whole lot to me and I play to win, not to bait my team.

If you’re interested in playing to see if we work well together please send me a message via discord.

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If you are looking to put a team together I am interested. Currently onyx pushing 1600. Have comp exp from previous halos and looking to get back into the comp scene. GT Humble4538. HMU if you wanna run some games

Lets run some games add me gamertag: E7TheButcher

Gt- Totty Totts Onyx 1559

GAMERTAG: QuaKeI2INasty (I’s are i’s)

I’ll start by saying I’m interested in starting or joining a team for the HCS open bracket tournaments with 3 other open minded players like myself! I personally feel like a team needs all 4 players to have that same mindset and can execute and stay Committed to our Gameplan regardless how backed up against the wall you might be, if one person is off page it throws off the whole team dynamic of what you’ve been practicing and going over in practice. At that point I feel like you might as well be playing in solo queue by yourself with no comms.

I started playing Competitive Halo around the end of halo 2 a little before Halo 3 was released. I went to MLG Orlando 08, MLG Dallas 08, Columbus 09, Anaheim 09 and The MLG Denver combine. I took a huge break & Halo infinite is the first halo I’ve played competitively or at all period since Halo 3. I’m Onyx 1670ish and am looking for open minded players like myself to collaborate and get to work!

I’m a f/a as well if you wanna get 2 and try to run scrims hmu ,
Got :GreeDGT