Sold Xbox due to Halo Infinite being the biggest disappointment

Saved up for the series’s X to experience the next generation of gaming I thought Halo Infinite was supposed to showcase. Several months later and it is without question the worst open world game I’ve played. Even Nintendo games can put biomes in their maps and keep updating them to keep it interesting. What’s interesting or even fun about Infinite at this point because it’s not the campaign or multiplayer. Sold my Xbox it not worth owning for Halo anymore feel bad for those who sprung for the themed versions. Sorry had to rant hope others feel the same maybe by 2030 Halo can be better again but not unless we are loud about this


I’m kinda with you, but I wouldn’t of sold my Xbox just because of one game. Like you, I’ve only bought Xbox because of Halo. In my 20’s, Halo is what sold me on Xbox. Bought a 360 at launch and still mainly played Halo 2 on the 360 until Halo 3 was released.

Bought Crackdown just to get the Halo 3 beta, turns out Crackdown was actually a pretty good game. Halo 4 came out and was very disappointed so I went back to Halo 3, played more Gears of War and tried out some other games. Back then my top played games were Halo 2/3, Forza, Gears of War and whatever COD there was. Halo CE, 2 and 3 will always hold value to me but I will not let one game make me sell my Series X.

I think I am done with Halo Infinite, I prefer to play it on PC but 343i has handicapped PC to death. This new tac slayer event is a prime example. So many other games to play, on both Xbox and PC that are so much better in every way. Game pass is a great value, especially if you have both an Xbox and PC. If it wasn’t for game pass, I wouldn’t of known about Hellblade and now I cannot wait for Hellblade 2 to come out. Lots of hidden gems on game pass.

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I bought the halo series x and get caught up in the hype.

The infinite campaign not being replayable is my biggest disappointment. The challenge system is the second.

Gonna hold onto the Xbox though as it’s a powerful console.

I was one of those who stayed up late into the morning with multiple browse windows open to order my Xbox Series X on day one. I wanted to have the best Xbox to play Halo Infinite on. I had such high expectation. It had been 5 years since Halo 5 was released and surely 343i was going to get Halo right on its third attempt…

At this point I have no confidence in 343i. If only Xbox/Microsoft had put a much engineering and talent into Halo Infinite as they did into the Xbox Series X, it would be 1000 times better. But the current state of Halo Infinite has left me so underwhelm, this is the least I have played on any of my Xbox’s in years. The Xbox Series X is still the best bang-for-your-buck in gaming. Yet it seems the only time I turn on my Xbox is to play Destin 2 with friends. And I hate Bungie. Let me repeat that for the reading impaired, I hate Bungie. That’s how disappointed I am with Halo Infinite.

Given recent actions I’m reconsidering my relationship with Bungie…

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Hopefully you’ll find you way back into the fold some day, til then best of luck in future endeavors