Solace Republic now Recruiting!

In alliance with TheCore, IUE OCOM Infantry, Phoenix Era, Panther, NCR, and The UUF

Type: Military Clan
Timezone: Pacific Standard Timezone

About the clan: We are a military based clan that strive for excellence in our training. We have a Ex Spartan 2 training our Special Forces and me (johnson92562) training regular infantry. We are very active and like to have alot of fun and have a very safe environment for new clan community members and returning. We also have a RP background written by me to being our Clan to life a little bit. We hope you check out our Spartan Company page @Solace Republic to see our full ranking.

About the Clan (RP): In alliance with TheCore, IUE OCOM Infantry, Phoenix Era, Panther, NCR, and The UUF

About the Clan: Backgroud:Solace Republic was formed by the fallen U.N.S.C. Battlegroup Epsilon Delta. During the Human Covenant War the UNSC sent Battlegroup Epsilon Delta to the Solace System to lead a campaign against a known small Covenant Battlegroup. The UNSC Battlegroup engaged the Covenant in multiple battles. Victory seemed imminent but that’s when a Covenant OCS Super carrier jumped out of slipspace seeming to kill all UNSC presence over the planet of Mirid IV. One ship crash landed on the surface the UNSC Trilingual survived re-entry. With only a handful of Marines and a squad of Spartans they made a plan to destroy the Covenant presence in the system if they were able to find a Covenant Phantom to take over that Super Carrier. They found a landing area in which the Platoon took the Phantom and went up to dock with the super carrier. After they docked all 50 marines and the 4 Spartans came out fighting their way through out the ship. They ended up taking control of the ships bridge but a cost as 3 Spartans died and 35 of the Marines died. They ended up Destroying the Covenant Battlegroup with the carrier. They freed the slaves the Covenant were taking from the planets and in 1 year formed a Republic and they voted for the surviving Spartan to lead.