Sol emblem

Anyone remember the Sol emblem from Halo 3, ODST and Reach? Anyone know if its in Halo 4?

I wanna know this too, I’ve been using it since Halo 2!

I’m still waiting on meh phoenix emblem.

I’m in the same boat as mushroom. No idea why they left it out.

yeah ik 343 has left out to much stuff

I’d even buy it if it were DLC

> > here’s all the emblems you can unlock:
> > Does anyone know if this chart is even legitimate?
> No. that chart is INCORRECT. Look at the emblems for Operator in this Bulletin.
> You will note that the wheel one has been mistakenly switcheroo-ed with one of the wetwork emblems.
> Thus, this list is proven to be wrong. I also believe the person who made that must have been offline boosting (hacking) his/hers save, In order to get access to top tier ones. That hoefully means they excluded the ones that require a live connection.
> Also, if you go to section 3 and unlock the Wiseguy emblem, it is listed under EMBLEMS. With an S.
> So lets be patient, shall we?

> I’m still waiting on meh phoenix emblem.


No? :frowning:

I used Sol since Halo 2 also. At first I was sad because I couldn’t use it from the start, but now its looking as though i wont be able to use it at all. I know its just an emblem, but i’m really disappointed. :frowning:


Fire o ball i need you now!

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