[Soft kill zones in campaign]

Doesn’t it bugs you when you’re trying to have fun and getting out of maps or just hiding and then the message ‘‘Out of battlefield’’ pops out? I mean it would be really nice if 343 could find a way to get rid of these so we could go out of the maps. Also, this applies for MM maps too, say Zealot per example. This map was nice because of the space battles but because some people whined about it, Bungie put a soft kill zone there. I mean there’s even a concussion rifle up there, so why put this limit?

Yeah, in campaign it bugs me. Used to love doing that in Halo CE, and Halo 2. That was part of the experience for me. =P

You have NO IDEA how much invisible barriers bug me.

You know the Traxus tower in Exodus? The one with the landing pad where the pelican comes? Look up. That tower is AWESOME. But you can barely even get on top of the surrounding lower buildings because of all the invisible barriers. Its SOO annoying. I would spend HOURS trying to climb that thing if they would just let me!

> You have NO IDEA how much invisible barriers bug me.

Oh but I do :smiley:
Level designs that use unnecessary box-canyons and invisible walls to funnel a player through a level are much more frustrating than soft-kill zones to me. When trying to create a level that seems naturally formed or logically manufactured, I rarely would use Halo3’s design as good example of how to do it.

Sierra-117 was especially disillusioning as a whole. Crow’s Nest avoids this…IMO.

As for allowing a complete freedom of movement to allow one to script break a level simply because it is easy to do so… not my problem.
Wanting to explore a level’s beauty in itself? Well, Bungie always leaves ways for people to do that. They just make it harder each time to do so.

You see, Bungie knows you cannot make things fool-proof. Fools are too ingenius a breed.