SOF Recruitment

My name and gamertag is SOFx V4LOR, and I am in a gaming community called SOF (Soldiers Of the Fallen). We are very recreational and yet competitive. We have a pro team who train hard and fight hard. We also have a website, YouTube channel, and a Facebook group. We have over 50 members and are quickly growing. We are all about having fun and making new friends.We are looking for new, loyal recruits to stand with us and help us become something great! If you want more information or want to join. Talk to SOFx V4LOR on Xbox Live.

*You must be 14 years of age or older.
*You must change your motto and bio once you join.
*You must have a mic.

DISCLAIMER: If you are to reach the rank of Lieutenant you MUST change your Gamertag. I highly recommend changing it as soon as possible to show strength, and unity within SOF.

Links to website,and youtube channel are below. :slight_smile: