Hello my name is Jaleel A.K.A J4Y717.

I am looking to create a clan for both competitive and cooperative foundations for Halo Reach as well as Halo 4. To become a part of this clan you do not need both games but at least one. Also it is not a requirement to have a mic but you do need to have some form of in-game communication. An X-box 360 kinect will suffice just fine. As I said before, this will be a new clan. so everyone will be starting from the same place. It is a great opportunity for everyone to meet one another and become stronger as a team. If at all interested message either me at J4Y717 or Co-leader on X-box live.

Competitive Divisions include

  • Marksmen- Air Assault- CQC fighters- Special opsNon-Competitive Activities include

  • Forge Team- Machinima Team (not yet official)- Spartan Ops/ Firefight arrangementsNote that just because these activities are available with the clan does not mean that you don’t still have your freedom. It is still a game but we need for you all to understand that this is a commitment so practices and scheduled activities are required if told before hand. Thank you and hope for you all to join.

I had the same idea… I created a MLG SOF SOCOM Marines division and hoping for more recruits maybe we can team up? SOSM

What does SOF stand for? Do you guys have any relation to “SOF ItsHavocc?”