*SOCIETY* New Spartan Company Startup!

The purpose of Society is to bring together solid players in the hopes of never being without a team.

The main mission of Society is to have fun and most importantly win.
With most bigger companies starting to fall into issues of drama, we please ask for none within Society.

To make it convenient for you, here are the requirements for this Spartan Company:

  • Spartan Rank of 100+ - Competitive Spartan Rank of Onyx+ - Kill to Death Ratio of 1.2+ - A MicThese requirements can be lenient in certain situations.

We plan on releasing videos soon as an introduction, so if you are interested please save your clips and let leadership know.

Also, we are in the works of deciding a logo design. If you end up joining, please visit the Forums and select your favorite in the poll.
As of now, it is down to a Spartan or Tiger.

This Spartan Company is no dedicated to Achilles Helmet.
Leader and lieutenants already have it, and we expect some people who join to already have it.
With that said, we don’t expect it to take too long with us.

Thank you for your interest in our Spartan Company.