Social Slayer

Just for the heck of it and show that still people care.
I would love if a Social Slayer playlist was added to the game. Something to enjoy and just have fun. I can’t play most days, and I like to enjoy the game when I have the chance and not worry about winning or losing. I don’t have much people to play with, so I endup playing solo most of the time.

So again just to add my voice to others, the game needs more playlists. Something different.

Eh? They just added it…

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> Eh? They just added it…

Yeah, my friend just told me that! xD

it’s been days since I launched the game so I had no idea. And this shows you how the lack of variety makes people lose internest.

Anyhow, I’m happy they added it.

And people, never mind and move along.