Social slayer

Is this never going to happen for halo 5

I don’t have a link, but i believe someone with 343 said they were working on it. He/she said it wasn’t a simple “flick of the switch” because the game was designed with ranking in mind, but they were working on it for a future update. I wouldn’t expect it until December/January at the earliest.

I think they understand how important this will be on the next update. H5 is really looking forward to the Christmas sales ans will have this implemented the next update.

I’ll let you in on a secret: Social Slayer is the exact same thing as Ranked Slayer with looser matching criteria.

Yeah, I’m definitely for this. Most importantly Arena and proper ranks are there, so I’m satisfied. It would be fun to play with whoever at times, not worry about playing completely serious and to be able to try different tactics out on actual players (outside of customs). Definitely down for a traditional playlist for chill mode outside of warzone.

Social playlist will be coming though I don’t know when.

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> Social playlist will be coming though I don’t know when.

Got a source for that?

Josh Holmes tweeted it out, and I wouldn’t be able to give you the source I had since its buried deep within my forum posts. Also there is a new and more current thread that has proof.

It’s called Unranked Playlists Incoming!!