Social Slayer in Halo 4?

I was wondering if there is any talk or plan on there being a separate playlist for guest in Halo 4. One of the disappointments for me in Halo Reach was that you could have guest in every playlist.

It’d be great if you could have a hopper where you didnt have to worry about affecting your K/D as well as having multiple guest with.

Technically, all the playlists in Halo 4 are ‘social’, you will be matched based on skill by default just like Social in Halo 3, it just isn’t visible.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I do hope there is a section only for guest only though. I felt like it took away from the competitive side a little. I saw so many people use “guest” a just a distraction in certain games. Not saying you shouldn’t do it, it just felt cheap.