Social skirmish.

Can we please get overgrowth and riptide back into rotation ? and for the love of god, remove white cell, pegasus and orion from matchmaking.

For the most part when playing social skirmish i get 8/10 forge maps, and honestly they play like crap

Greetings Vikingpower

Overgrowth & Riptide > White Cell, Molten, Orion.

I dashboard whenever I get those 3 maps in any playlist, Pegasus gets a pass just because its competition is so bad.

Well bugger me, I love White Cell and Overgrowth; I have no issues with Riptide either, so maybe I’m crazy?

Orion II is pretty good but it is rather open. Molten however, is pineapple paradise. Seriously, the grenade spam on Molten makes me boil.

Edit: I forgot to mention that Pegasus (the new one) is one of my favourite maps of all time, it just needs incentives to traverse more of the map than the main tower and the cammo and sniper spawn.