Social Skirmish [New show for the fans of Halo 4]

Hey guys,just wanted to give you guys a heads up tonight HaloCouncil will be launching a NEW SHOW. We will be focusing on Halo news, debates, and other things from ALL perspective from casual to competitive.We are looking to make this huge and something FOR the community.The show will air at 10pm est with u4iX, Best Man,and Cursed Lemon.

<mark>Link to stream</mark>
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<3 CyReN

Can’t wait!

nice !

keep up the good work guys !

> nice !
> keep up the good work guys !

Thank you! We’re gonna bust our butts to bring you an awesome, information filled, fun, social romp tonight. <3

I will be sure to check it out. You guy have made a lot of great pointers for competitive players. I prefer to play to improve.

I am pretty excited about this!

The community should definitely check this out. It’s going to cover all angles of the community :slight_smile: Anyone who likes Halo should watch

Looking forward to this!

I’l be watching of course

The show is going to be starting in 1 hour! Yes! I have been waiting all day for this to happen! :slight_smile: so happy.

Check out the show.

Featuring Best Man, U4iXX, and Cursed Lemon.

Starting now! -

Come to and watch Social Skirmish a Halo community talk show. They are talking about Halo 4 this show so come watch! Heres a Link.

Posted this a moment ago but it got buried. Bump for justice.

> Posted this a moment ago but it got buried. Bump for justice.


Do it guys.

Sure why not

> Sure why not

Tell anyone you know.

Nothing like Best Man dropping knowledge.

I like it so far. I was expecting pre teens but glad to see people that know what they are talking about.