Social, Ranked & MLG/eSports/HCS Playlists suggestion

Personally, I’d rather go back to the older playlist selections that we had in Halo 3. If people don’t know, it went like this essentially.

Social: Regular standard settings, aimed at casual and for fun.
Ranked: Same settings as social but maybe particular gametypes. Aimed for when you want to try a bit harder than social.
MLG: Setting changed to “Battle Rifle and two Frag Grenades starts. 110% speed, 110% damage and have a shield recharge rate of 90%. Motion tracker is disabled.” Aimed for “pro” play and competitive.

So for Infinite, move these cuurent ranked settings into a MLG/eSports playlist and create a ranked playlist with social settings.

My reason for this is sometimes you actually want to try and you want your teammates to try too, but sometimes you want a casual game. You can’t expect social players to always try and for those that do, they’re currently stuck playing the current ranked settings which have a completely different feel, and in my opinion, feel less Halo.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Have any of your own thoughts or ideas? I’d love to hear them.