Social Playlists?

I loved the direction that they went in for Halo 5 in terms of ranks, but personally, I have never been a competitive person, and competitive play has always failed to really interest me.

I am diamond rank in arena slayer, which is great for my ego, but now I feel like I am being punished for actually being quite good at the game, because whenever I jump into a game of Arena Slayer, I am met with people calling out opponents and weapons; which is fine, great, actually, but I am just not interested in that kind of playstyle. As a result, I am now shying away from Slayer, even though I really enjoy it, because I feel like I am a hindrance to those that are there to win, because I just want to have a relaxing game, not one where I am constantly on edge, calling out this, that, and the other.

I just want to play Halo, guys, I don’t want to simulate an amateur HCS game. I would love it if 343 introduced a social, unranked, playlist for people like me.