Social Playlists

I think that there aren’t so many playlists to play in social, 343 should put back lists like Multi-Team, Shooty Snipers, Team Skirmish, Extermination and those game modes that makes Halo 5 non-repetitive, but permanently cause sometimes the game gets bored.
Or what do you think guys?

In theory this is a good idea, but it would spread out the players that are left playing this game after having been out for almost two years now. It would make it too difficult to not only find matches, but to find quality matches.

343 is aware of this issue though:

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> True Social Playlist This is something we’re aware of. The Team Skirmish change has actually resulted net positive though, with a bump up to Team Arena (not HCS) among other lists, making matchmaking in those better than before without a big loss in population. But even so, we have noticed the Social issue. For me, I feel we need a gameplay type that is more casual for Social. Team Skirmish wasn’t really a relaxing place anyways.In fact, going on anecdotes and not data, most of my friends who wanted more casual experiences didn’t like Team Skirmish. They ironically preferred to play Team Arena on alts more than Team Skirmish.

~Matchmaking Feedback Update August 14

The playlist in social is very good for me.