Social Playlists ASAP!!!!!!

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How can we have just one!?!?!?!?!? Holiday special could have stayed till the next update, which i hope has social playlists.
Free for all(slayer, infection, oddball, king of the hiil, jogornot)
multi teams (4x2)
Bring back some epic H3 maps that would be awesome!

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hellooooo anyone some feedback. :wink:

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> hellooooo anyone some feedback. :wink:

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agreed warzone is no substitute for lack of social playlist. not hating on warzone or arena but the need for a less competitive social environment i think is on list right now for most players. personally id be happy with just a single playlist of multiple game types with no fire team restrictions

We’ve been asking for social playlists since before launch and still nothing. Warzone is ok (if not a little long), but it can only be enjoyable for so long before I turn on Reach to play Infection or action sack.

What is with everyone loving infection? It was a campers paradise. No skill required on the part of the survivors. Over powered weapons against a one shot enemy from a mile away. Boring!!! Im in favor of the game typez but not on a social list 343 is all about the competition and fast kills. I mean hello! less than 4 months of h5 release and there was a championship tournament already. That doesnt seem like they want a social game but a blood bath in my opinion.

I dont like warzone cousei hate the req system. I preffer spawning of weapons and vechicles

Don’t hold your breath. The only thing slower than 343’s updates is the 2nd coming of Christ.

You have a thread on this already. Don’t spam the same thread over and over.