Social Playlist

I think the best resolution is to just do what Halo 3 did and have ranked where you are measured by true skill and then social where your XP is what ranks.

In Ranked you can gain TRUE SKILL which will unlock separate unlockables

and the Social will retain how the playlists are today…

Got the idea from here

It’s not a revolutionary idea at all, as of course it was in Halo 3. It’s certainly a practical one, though. I’d completely support this as it would be a great way to divide mindsets of “wanting to win” and “just having fun”. Ranked playlists are very competitive, which is great. But social playlists are chill and are aimed towards more relaxed play. I’m all for that.

I would like a social playlist because I don’t always want to win sometimes I just wanna lay back and have fun.