Social Playlist Ideas - Tac Nuke and Team Hydras?

Note, I prefer competitive Halo over social. I rarely play social. Ever. But here are some things I would LOVE to see.

Tactical Halo Ring Nuke in social slayer if you get a 25 to 30 point killstreak. The player would get a key and have to find the easter egg terminal to activate the rings (with a cutscene) and. end the game

Team Action Sack with Linear CTF with ALL Warzone variant weapons. Because. Why. Not (High 5 would be hilaaaarious).

FFA Swords. (FFA prophets banes?!)

Team HYDRAS in a large Octagon arena with paintball-esque cover.

Paintball with plasma pistols and storm rifle power weapon.

Team Nornfangs. Basicaly SWAT on steroids.

Mongoose racing.

Infection and ofc Grifball.


I’m down for any new addition to this game. So boring. Needs new material.

Team/FFA Mythic Fiesta

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> Team/FFA Mythic Fiesta

Dude that would be the funniest thing ever.

i’d like some kind of team turrets, tbh

> 2533274886490718;5:
> i’d like some kind of team turrets, tbh

Nukes would be impossible to get unless you are camping with a sniper and have 5 people guarding you.

Fear the Pink Mist. All needlers.

All of that sounds good.

I want some whacky zany hilarious stuff like that

Action Sack ideas. TAKE NOTES 343

Team Hydras would be fun.

> 2533274811982676;8:
> Fear the Pink Mist. All needlers.

Awesome! Love it!

Just any new game modes that we can play in MM. There are tons of things you can do in customs but those things you can do in customs should be in MM.