Social is more sweaty than comp

Title goes without saying social feels like a total sweat feast I’m having way more fun playing in diamond 4 competitive than I am playing social rn the skill based matchmaking needs a serious tone down.


Unfortunately Social is not just meant for one type of player as you might think it otta be. People that enjoy playing well and want to win are allowed to play in social as well.

Just like in mcc, the 1337 tryhards are too scared to go onto ranked with full teams, so they play ranked in social.


The game is legitimately matching you up with players only in your skill group with no one else it is like comp but with ARs I’m not trying to sweat 24/7 I want a variety


Lol I remember a particular team in MCC that would always 8 stack in BTB so they could dominate every team that wasn’t also an 8 stack.

They also had the nerve to be some of the most toxic players I’ve ever seen in Halo. It’s interesting to see how certain “pillars of the community” act when they don’t think they’re being recorded or screenshotted.


You reminded me of a reddit post where someone got a MCC match where everyone’s gamertag was “Spartan XXX” or something and they would play like they’re in a for real war. The absolute sweats lol.

I think the larger issue is that in comp you can toggle input matchmaking if you’re solo/duo queue, social you’re getting thrown in with the KBM players and that will inflate the perceived skill ceiling. Then if course there’s just Playlist predators who are out to pubstomp, but that’s every game out there.

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I don’t mind when people are sweaty, cause I usually play like that. The difference is when you add toxicity to the mix.

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Yep, diamond 2 at the moment, and it is suuuuuuper sweaty in social. I really enjoy sweaty play in ranked, but come on… how am I supposed to play with friends?

Not all of my friends enjoy jumping in with some Onyx ranked lunatic. It isn’t a good way to bring in some friends for a chillout session.

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I guess if your getting a lot of people that are trying to win probably just means there are probably more people that want to win in social then play super casually I guess. Not really sure if anything can be done about that.

343 can’t really dictate how people enjoy playing after all. They’re not really breakin’ any rules.

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I dont know if it’s still the case, but mcc had no party matching.
You think 4v4 social team slayer was bad, yall shoulda seen btb.
Hope infinite doesn’t go that route.
A few times people from these 8 stacks would pop up in the forum.
They very rarely played against another 8 stack, and were winning 100s of games in a row.
Maybe social should have little to no xp, and be full of mixed bag fun gametypes.
Then have a half dozen ranked gametypes, and boost xp for those.

I think I know who you mean.
A spartan themed clan.
At least I’ve seen those guys play solo and carry, then all get together and dominate btb lol

No I mean there’s an algorithm that makes sure you always go even in your halo games if you do good the games get harder

So I guess that means for mcc if your solo searching, eventually you get matched against full teams with the worst possible players including afkrs?
I matched 4 full btb parties in a row, and all I could wonder is, “do these full parties ever play against another full party”?
They dont.
Infinite needs to avoid this

Isn’t that what Competitive is suppose to do?

Yes…… but I’m talking about social not competitive???

“No I mean there’s an algorithm that makes sure you always go even in your halo games if you do good the games get harder”

Your asking for this, a competitive feature, to be placed in social is what I’m asking? I’d think they would only lead to more competitive in what is suppose to be Social.

No my problem is that it is currently in social?

Then I have absolutely no clue what your asking for then…

I’m not surprised…….