Social Infection - Halo's Oldest Infection Co

Tl;dr: Long time Infection community started here, now a full zombie community continuing the tradition of weekly Infection custom games.

Social Infection has been slaughtering the Undead Since 2008. We originally started here on as a place to rally for a Permanent Infection playlist in Halo 3. Eventually we transitioned to a full fledged Zombie fan community with our own website.

We were famous for our weekly Saturday Night gamenights, and what do you know, we still host them! (Heck we have a infection custom gamenight tomorrow night).

We have our roots and still huge fans of Infection in the Halo games. Even if you aren’t a fan of Infection in Halo but still a fan of zombies, join us!

We are hosting a Infection Custom Gamenight tomorrow night!

If you’ve been itching for some Infection carnage, come play.