social CTF

Ok so social CTF is now a permament playlist and I was never a huge fan of ctf in other halos but this one I am in love with. The gameplay is balenced, I love how its a chill gametype if im in a casual mode. The flag spawns are perfect in every map. There is always atleast 2 flag routs. Its open so you can camp but closed so you cant get picked off. The spotting feature is sweet ( I know this was in from the begining) and the gameplays runs really well… Good job 343 industries I am very proud. Only thing is to bring it down to a 4v4…I know its social but I find that its always to chaotic and having a team of 4 trying to play ctf but having a random sucks. Also I find the maps to small from 10 people. Thats my opinion though. Please for the future as I know you guys are doing game modes make a social slayer.