Social Crossplay Needs an Opt Out

Crossplay in Infinite Social needs to have an opt out or better management of Console & PC. It doesn’t feel good to get wrecked in a social game & notice that all the top scoring players are on Mouse/Keyboard. I get that Ranked has the separation but I feel like social needs it too. There are several games that implement this well by keeping the 2 pools separate until you manually create a fireteam that crosses the line. Then that fireteam will be added to the greater pool of both.


Couldn´t have said it better myself. 100% agree, We need this ASAP please, thanks.


About 80% of the enemies in my games show up as PC players, but I have no way of knowing for sure what input they’re using unless I witness them turning very fast and landing consistent precision weapon hits outside red reticle range.
Anyway, I agree. The inputs can not be balanced together properly. I don’t even think 30 fps consoles should be allowed to play against 120+ fps PCs. But I’ll settle for a simple input-based crossplay toggle at this point in time.


I agree. Finishing a match and see both sides dominated by PC people whos entire kill feed was headshots is frustrating.