Instead of the -blam!- filter we get a -Yoink- filter.

NOICE! It makes contextualised stuff so much more interesting :3

Let me test this Oh -Yoink-

I Yoink!ed the Yoink! all the way across the Yoink! and while I was Yoink!ing I found it amusing to Yoink! my Yoink!


did I just get yoink!ed?

-Yoink- -Yoink- Yoinkety -Yoink- I want to say -Yoink- but this -Yoinking!- machine want -Yoinking!- let meImeant -Yoink-, I mean -Yoink-, no, -Yoink-, why are you -Yoinking!- doing this to me! awww,-Yoink-!

This must be a Yoinking! joke.