wanna get competitive?

Hello, this is Private Tank of The Dropshock Brigade, and basically, we’re a competitve, mature, and amazingly fun clan dedicated to our members. We have members from 6 different countries around the globe with 56 active personnel. We’re a close knit group of people and if you’re looking for not only people to play with, but people who will get to know you and really make you feel welcome, feel free to check us out. Browse the forums, even post in them if you wish. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

If you have any questions regarding DSB, please feel free to message me or contact me on XBL, GT: Stormtank37.

Thanks, and I’ll see you on the battlefield!

Just curious Tank but why aren’t you useing the normal recruiting write up? And instead of making a new thread just post in the original saying we’re still recruiting. Like I’m going to do right now.

Can I not have my own? Or is it a required set up?