So you can monetize Halo videos...

The last year I stopped making Halo videos because of this monetization thing -Yoink!- did and it actually pissed of all of us machinima creators. I shuted down my videos because I was afraid to get my YT account down, or in the worst case being sued by microsoft or something like that.

Now I want a real answer, ¿Can you monetize halo videos?! I’ve read the terms of usage and all that stuff and I know it clearly says that is not allowed, Microsoft d$"%# logic does not allow us to earn money. But after a year, I´ve seen some people releasing Halo machinimas, and Im sure all or must of them are being monetized, and NO, they don’t have a partnership with machinima.

So it seems Microsoft does not really cares about this, because look at this:

Look at this page, some of those models are riped content from the Original Halo Games, mostly CE. And people are f$%## selling them?! This is more serious s$%#!" that earning money from ads, I earn money by some random ad, the content I created with the Halo Game is free to watch, free to do whatever you want with it, I bought the game and Im giving credit for it, and then these b$#%# rip halo models and try to sell them as if they were their own material? Where is microsoft then?! ¿Why is this content not shutted down?!

Have anyone in these dates have got a strike for monetizing halo content without being a machinima partner?

I’ve read that if you add in the video description something like
" Halo Game © Microsoft Corporation. “Title Here”(Halo Game Machinima) was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo Game." You can monetize the video without dangers. ¿Is this true?!

Sorry for being blind or ignorant and a little d%$#" but im very confused, I need to know if we can monetize Halo videos, so I can bring back my halo videos.

  1. You do not need to monetize your Halo videos to actually make them, if you’re doing it simply for financial gain…stop.

  2. Take a gooood look at those models, I can assure you that absolutely NONE of them are ripped from the disk. They may look like they are but they’re really not, I’ve used Turbosquid for a long time and uploading content for profit that isn’t yours is a no-no. All of those models (the purchasable ones anyway) are entirely custom made by the uploader, take another look at them and this is as clear as day.

  3. No, you cannot monetize Halo related content unless you are with a network like

  4. Adding that to your description does not give you a free pass to monetize, it simply states that you know the content doesn’t belong to you. Basically just because you made it doesn’t mean you own it.