So you aren't buying the game right?

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Everyone saying the graphics are awful, halo is dead, grappling hook gameplay doesn’t work, etc etc… you aren’t buying this game are you? Even downloading it as a game pass member would give the wrong impression and make 343 think you support these changes. Vote with your wallet, or accept that you just might be a toxic, whiney, hypocrite?

If you want to see some great graphics I recommend watching the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo for PlayStation 5. It is immense. But unfortunately you aren’t going to see games looking like that for years. Anyone who has lived through a console launch can tell you that launch games rarely have greatly improved graphics when compared to their predecessors. Most people haven’t even watched the trailer on a 4k device with 4k display, it honestly looks great when you consider other good looking games this gen. I could give you a screenshot of some poorly lit, and textured Read Dead Redemption 2 screenshots. They’re easy to come across.

If you stress and worry about something that hasn’t even happened yet that is entirely out of your control, then you hurt yourself twice. Once now, and once if it does happen. If being the key word. This could be your favourite Halo of all time. We don’t know yet. Can’t we just all get hyped and make our judgements and criticisms when we have actually played the thing. We are all on this forum because we love Halo. It’s going to have record downloads whether you -Yoink- or not. Or we can just all do this again next month’s when they release some multiplayer info? See you there!

Onestly i buy the game on Windows 10 store when the preorder came out I like the game and I’m sure the light on the final release would be perfect

I was always on the fence about buying Halo Infinite day one. That campaign demo convinced me to wait, and I will. There are too many unkowns just now. I stated after the E3 2019 reveal I was unsure about the look and I was not as impressed as others were, going by the recent reveal I was right to be skeptical. I’ll be holding onto my cash until well after launch.