So without finishing all the challenges, I suddenly finished the Alpha Pack event

Like I still need to do all the stuff, but all the cosmetics are unlocked.

Like… should I be worried 343 will take them away? I mean I didn’t earn them fairly, I only got up to the shoulder pads after all… buuuut if they’re already unlocked and I’m already using the BR skin should I be concerned that said skin will suddenly be confiscated?

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I think it’s a left over from the last LSS where they had to make eqch challenege unlock two tiers.

So basically… I’m suddenly done. Like I still didn’t get Tactical Clippy, but I don’t really need him. So I already have all the unlocks for this event and it’s totally legit?

I mean I’m not complaining, but it’s a tad anticlimactic is all

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It sure is - especially if you knocked a couple out before they reset the challenges.

I’m still paranoid it will all suddenly vanish and I’ll have to knock out even more hours to get it all again

Nah - the real worry is that you’ll have put in the effort and then they just unlock everything for anyone who played at least one match.

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I’d much MUCH prefer that to having all of it gone because 343 decided to do the time warp again.

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Don’t worry. Once unlocked, 343 would hear no end of it, if all was taken away. I also was unlocking two levels with each one challenge complete. I have no worries.


Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised when I completed the first challenge to unlock two tiers rather than just one. So less having to play FFA, which I absolutely do not like, I like playing on a team, so that’s a win to me.

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Don’t say anything. They might change it back and make people have to play this game mode more.

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Agreed. @nemesis0364 should remove this post

it won’t let me without getting a moderator or something involved for some reason. which is the opposite of what we want. so the best I can manage for now is the suggestion that we abandon this topic so it will never pick up enough steam for them to pick it up.

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Yeah the event challenge are bugged what’s supposed to happen is after completing 1 event challenge it would get you 1 tier up but the new event got a bug where it made it 2 tiers up after completing 1 event challenge so basically if you completed 5 event challenge you finished the event already.

The rest of my Event Challenges were more melee and backslap kills in LSS after I already did a couple so I’m happy to have all my rewards now and not needing to finish them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was in a similar situation too. I unlocked all of the Alpha Pack stuff in just a few hours. And I’m not motivated enough to try to get the weekly “reward,” so I’ll probably not be picking up the game to play for quite a while, possibly not until they release co-op and mission replay.

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