So will season 2 contain reach armor?

Title. Iv put it as feedback as well because were still missing armor pieces from the original team and honestly its frustrating. I probably should of looked at the first season but were missing alot of the armor pieces I expected to be in there and the ones I actually wanted :confused:

Any updates, leaks or news on season 2? Even if its miles away?

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i don’t think anything in S2 has been leaked or announced, as far as i’m aware
and i don’t think s2 should have reach armor. since that’s (supposed) to be the point of s1’s bp

It is meant to be the point of S1 you’re right but like i dont wanna have half sets or miss out because the others are £20 a set or something in the store

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I’d prefer mainly brand new content. But also Chief’s armor from Halo 4’s campaign. We haven’t had that available for use in multiplayer yet (unless it was added to 5 after I had already quit the game. If that’s the case, I didn’t know).


given the fact that they’ve added back armor to the yori event… hopefully they do the same for s1, re-add armor that once was in it. it is possible, given how s1 of mcc has all of reach’s content

Oh I wasnt aware they was doing that, well I stay hopeful then that they will do that for S1 a d not charge me on the store lol

But reach was my baby haha, but nah I get where you’re coming from

S1 should have had all reach armor though. It’s kind of sad when we don’t get half the armor sets, and then one armor set is sold to us for $20. Kind of defeats the purpose of Heroes of Reach, since Six was a gosh darn hero.


Perhaps the next season will be Halo: CE themed should they choose to follow the pattern of seasons in MCC.

I will say though I believe they selected Reach as their first season because it was the first game to release on PC in MCC (and thereby likely one of if not the most popular / familiar titles - hence why we have the MA40.)

But also because when looking at the armor in the Character Customization screen in MCC, there are inconsistencies with how the Halo: Reach armor actually looks in game - but these inconsistencies are present in their Halo Infinite models.

A great example is the UA Helmet attachment.

When previewing this item in MCC it’s actually missing the visor extension, but in game its present. However when selecting the attachment in Halo Infinite, the visor extension is missing - just like in the MCC Character Customization menu.

I know the Character Customization models were made with Unreal, and Halo Infinite runs on Slipspace, but I can’t help but notice this coincidence.

I think the reason we have a Reach themed season is because Chief and Blue team were on Reach shortly before the events of Infinite.

Co Op drops with season 2, so I think there will be a BP with a theme focused around that…Maybe Blue Team?

Forge drops with season 3, So that will be a theme around…Forerunner Style ?

Just guessing.

going from a leak… supposedly s1 did at one point have all of reach’s armor, up to 120 levels. but was gutted for whatever reason, probably money i’d guess

yeah, in their recent live stream they stated any of the yori armor that appeared in the shop will be put into the yori event bp.
and yeah, since they’re doing this. hopefully they do the same with reach’s stuff

Im kind of wondering my self if the reach amour set will stay after season 1 so far there are only 3 sections for Spartan variants are we getting more a is one being trashed. Also it seems like more armor peices in the store are Mark VII and not Mark V Reach varients at all. I’m mean don’t get me wrong the VII amour has some kool pieces. But the chest pieces are ugly in my opinion and if the reach amour is not leaving what’s with the lack of kool colors. The customs colors feels more Destiny 1 then halo. The fun of halo custom colors was to ability to mix match what happened to that? Also the Yoroi is not a favorite of mine what’s the point of it. Lol.

its anyones guess only thing for s2 we know form leaks is another fractures armor set but thats it so who knows

I really don’t think they’ll put any Reach armor in season 2, as you’d have to have bought the premium pass for season 1 as a prerequisite to use them.

or season 2 could have nothing ot do with reach as a theme

The Infinite Leaks Twitter page claims we’ll have CQB and MK V for MK V [B] in season 2. It’s pretty reliable. Obviously not 100%, because plans change, but I’d say it’s pretty likely.

I kinda agree with the not saying its 100% in there but who knows they could drop them during this season but I know for sure season 2 isn’t gonna be all reach like this one

So far it’s speculated that the leaked remaining Reach armor will compose the battle pass and the fractures armor will be that Gears of War-esqe armor core that’s been datamined.

What i ment was do think we going are to able to keep the amour in the line up I kind of like using it better I like seeing it on my Spartan it’s designed well.