So will it be H5 console edition?

Since the last tweet of Josh… of the console edition of Halo 5
@juliocurt There is a limited edition console coming, yes. It hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s pretty sweet.
— Josh Holmes (@JoshingtonState) April 26, 2015
I have been searching for further information but nothing, not even a clue on E3 or Comic-con, i start to doubt if this Xbox one H5 edition will ever exist as no new information comes around about it
So any of you guys know anything about this topic?
Thanks for reading.

Wait until Gamescom in a few weeks. We’ll most likely get a reveal then

Hopefully there’ll be a Halo 5 Xbox One console :slight_smile:

The H5 console has been my most anticipated LE console since the H4 console, can’t wait for its reveal.

It would make sense. There has been a special edition console for every main halo title since CE. Time will tell.

I’m anxious to see the design of it.

I think in the Game Informer podcast he mentioned something about maybe saying something that he shouldn’t have yet. He let it slip a bit early. I’d be surprised if it didn’t show up at Gamescom.

I would love to get it but I always get the new xbox right when it comes out. Hard for me to wait until the first Halo game of the generation of consoles.

I keep hoping it will be announced soon as the time grown thin where I can sneak the money for a second Xbox One before the female finds out.

Hope it looks as good as the halo 4 one.

Just wait and see.

Hope that it’s cool.

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> Wait until Gamescom in a few weeks. We’ll most likely get a reveal then

^^^This. The Halo 4 console was also revealed at Gamescom, so it wouldn’t surprise me.