So will forge have weather control too?

Like can I dump gallons of rain water on my head? How blizzard do hard I can’t see ahead of me? I know season are a thing… But weather???

Like can I create a race map that is so snowed out you can only navigate via lights?

Also was time of day mentioned too??

With how 343 runs this joint we’re gonna get a worse forge than Halo 3’s

Good thing they aren’t making Forge then.
It is being handled by Certain Affinity and Skybox Labs again.
You know, the guys behind Halo 5’s Forge.


From what iv’e heard and also couple of leaked vids on you tube which I’m not posting link to, there should be some weather like snow / rain, but don’t quote me on that.

Think some things that were supposed to be in campaign are in forge

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