So who is going to be watching HCS Raleigh?

It’s on the 17th December. I’m hoping the stream has some really good viewership.

I’ve been watching the open brackets and there have been some really exciting games so far.

I’d be more inclined to watch it if it was easy on the eyes.

It desperately needs a visual overhaul akin to that of Overwatch League. It’s just too difficult to follow.

Pair that with the fact it only streams on YouTube which limits the stream quality even at the highest resolution, it’s not really worth my time even though I would love to watch it.

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I can’t say categorically this is the case but I am almost certain the Halo channel on Twitch will be streaming it. Have to agree YouTube quality is poor. Due to the NA times being late in Europe I’ve been watching the next day in 1080p. The Sony directs are genuinely unwatchable on YT. Awful.

I’d agree with you on the Team HUD, they can be hard to follow for sure. Especially as they quickly pan players, luckily with the sponsored teams you get the names on the side but usually it can be difficult. I’d prefer a clear overlay for the teams with the team name in the corner or something. The stats could do with being redone as well, they’re so tiny but also take up so much screen.

Was also hoping they would set up popular angles like Overwatch where we could watch things outside of 1st/3rd person.

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I am for sure. Absolutely love watching Halo tournaments. It’s going to be LAN right? Unfortunately the observer mode for online is not accurate so you can’t fully enjoy it, snipe shots not looking like they’re even connecting for example. LAN should be much better.

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Yeah it is going to be on LAN, can’t wait.