So who else wanted Forge, but is to lazy to use it

I finally got around making a legit map in Forge after a few weeks since it came out, however I was to lazy initially to do it because of how much time it would take with making everything from scratch etc.
Question is, anyone else also happy for Forge, but to lazy to get started or continue making maps?

Love forge. But yes, the creative process is really slow. Inspiration comes from the pieces a lot of the time and these pieces are so new that I’m just not used to them yet. Then you have to master the new controls. That’s finally done. Then you have to wade through millions of different options. Which is good. But really time consuming. So I wouldn’t say I’m too lazy to use forge, but I will say that building a good map takes a lot longer than it ever did before. So maps are longer coming. And that makes me feel lazy.

I’ve been forging away loads but struggle to get players in to play games on them after, which is putting me off. Was easier on the 360, always filled games. But XBOne has so many recruiting restrictions, only managing six players a session. Feels a a little pointless forging TBH because it does take a lot of time.

Hahahahahahaha definitively me, When i got time i just go out in Arena and kill,
I cant wait for a open mode when we will be able to play in forge map online matchmaking (if one day…)

i would love to play classic custom game modes again like long bridge, duck hunt, ghostbusters, garbageman, jenga and many more ,but dont want to go through the creative process of rebuilding all the maps on the things we are given… :frowning: