So whiplash? Prreeeety good. (Clip)

Whiplash >

what is that?

ofc whiplash is bae

My favorite REQ.

> 2535456272848190;2:
> what is that?

Its a (in my very newly formed opinion) an OP railgun REQ that I wish had 30 more of.

Fixed the link in OP cuz I’m bad at interneting.

Damn, very nice multi-kill. thumbs up

Whiplash is easily the best model of Railgun in this game.

My fav req outside of twin jewels

Great clip, well done!

That’s my Rail gun. I got Scorpion and a banshee with that one req.

Nice kill streak dude

> 2533274850379391;10:
> Great clip, well done!

> 2533274988965988;12:
> Nice kill streak dude

Thanks, bro-beans!

i did not undertend

Woo! I would love to have some of those in storage!


although your kill streak is way more impressive. Respect OP.



Nice clip! Submit it to Halo Waypoint Skilltacular!

96% of the time I pull out a whiplash I jump 2 req levels forward… The other 4% that I don’t is because some -Yoink- on my team splatters me with a ghost when I walk out of the armory.

Helluva gun.

Edit: I almost forgot to throw respect at you for a great clip/kill streak. Buenissimo.